St Aubyn Estates

St Michael's Mount Trading
One of the most instantly recognizable landmarks in the country. St Michael's Mount is a National Trust property, family home, island community and entrancing visitor destination all in one.

In 1954 Francis St Aubyn - the third Lord St Levan - gave most of St Michael's Mount to the National Trust, along with a large endowment fund for its upkeep. He retained a 999 year lease for the family to live in the castle and a licence to show the historical rooms to the visiting public.

While the National Trust now ensures the preservation and conservation of the Mount, the St Aubyn family continue to live on and manage the island, as they have done since the middle of the 17th century. This unique partnership gives St Michael's Mount a vibrant community life now as well as preserving its astonishing legacy built up since the island’s earliest known inhabitants during the Bronze Age.

St Michael's Mount welcomes as many as 300,000 visitors a year to the castle and village. The beautiful, but fragile gardens are open on a more restricted basis, but can also be seen and enjoyed from the castle battlements. The village has a restaurant, cafe and two shops as well as a picturesque harbour. It is no surprise that requests for filming come in from all over the world for TV, feature films and advertisements.

Twelve families live permanently on the island and all have a role to play in its upkeep such as running the boats or tending the gardens. From April until October, 80 plus seasonal staff come on board to offer our visitors a memorable and enjoyable day out. The defining characteristic of the people who live and work here is a passion for and commitment to St Michael's Mount.

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