St Aubyn Estates

Trevarthian Farms
The Farms encompass 900 acres around the historic charter town of Marazion and the village of Goldsithney.

Like any other tenant on the Estate, the business rents land from the trustees on normal commercial terms. James St Levan is the owner and the Farm Manager is Roger Richards, assisted by Ian Sedgeman as well as contractors and a seasonal workforce.

The main crop is potato, with nearly 400 acres planted each year, with yields of 5000-6000 tonnes of potatoes.

The potato harvest all happens over a frantic 4-5 week period from late June. Subsidiary crops include wheat, barley and forage maize for animal feed. There is also permanent grassland that is cut for hay and silage and makes a significant contribution to Trevarthian Farms’ environmental agenda to preserve the habitat for wildlife.