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Plastic Free Initiatives across St Aubyn Estates businesses in Marazion

Posted by: editor | March 29, 2018

We have joined the Plastic Free Marazion initiative, and are working with other businesses in the community to gain #Plastic Free Marazion status. Below is a summary of the work our teams have been doing at the hotels and also on the island. Being actively involved in looking after our environment is important to our team, and to our businesses.

Mount Haven Hotel & Restaurant

Action to date: No Takeaway cups, veg ware straws, no more miniature toiletries in rooms – changing for refillable plastic ones (from Mid-March), glass water bottles for guests and packed lunch, tap refill station.
‘Since reopening in February following some further improvement works we wanted to ensure where possible we are reducing the single use plastic we use. We are committed moving forward to making conscientious decisions when it comes to purchasing & product use. We are happy to be a part of Plastic Free Marazion.’
Annys Eastwood, General Manager

Godolphin Arms

Action to date: Beach Bar will make a commitment to use either glass or reusable plastic this summer (glass likely), discontinued the fruit shoot range and also the kid’s cartons of juice which come with a straw - instead it’s just a glass of juice or squash, biodegradable straws offered, tap refill station, organic waste is composted & staff are each provided with a Keep Cup to use when they are at work. No keep cup – no free coffee or tea!
‘It stands to reason that we should be mindful of single use plastics, given our position on the beach here in Marazion, it's important for the longevity of both the beautiful environment here & of the tourist trade who visit us. It’s imperative that we have a clean beach & sea for generations to come.’
Laura Clerehugh, General Manager

Sail Loft & Island Café, St Michael’s Mount

Action to date: No plastic straws – a small amount of paper straws will be available behind the counter, no plastic drinks bottles – all of them are now glass or cans, compostable takeaway cups and lids, ice cream tubs now have a plant-based lining & biodegradable spoons, all organic waste is composted on site, no cellophane bags – all bags are now paper, no plastic cutlery, ice cream spoons or stirrers – all of which are now wooden, changed to recycled napkins, tap refill station & free coffee to staff with reusable cups.
‘Our biggest challenge is to find an alternative to orange juice cartons suitable for our children's take away packed lunches.
Across the Mount as a whole we are looking at ways of reducing single use plastics; the long term goal is to get rid of all of them. As the Food & Beverage Manager I have worked hard over the winter researching & finding ways we can make mindful changes that our customers will be happy with.
The great thing is that many of our suppliers feel as passionately as we do, Roskilly's in particular are already making changes themselves - the take away ice cream tubs for example are now lined with a plant-based alternative to plastic & their small tub spoons are now degradable.
Working where we do the impact of single use plastic is evident in the sugar sachets that blow into the sea & the plastic bottles that are occasionally seen. The Mount staff regularly beach clean but obviously the ideal is to limit these items in the first place!’
Paris Taylor, Food & Beverage Manager


Clean up the County Beach Clean

Posted by: editor | March 16, 2018

As the St Michael's Mount team gear up for opening on Sunday 18 March 2018, they joined the county wide initiative #CleanUpTheCounty and enjoyed a morning beach clean.

The St Aubyn Estates team will be holding regular beach cleans throughout the season.

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