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St Aubyn Estates Chief Executive accepted for Harvard Management Programme

Posted by: editor | January 10, 2013

Rob Abernethy, Chief Executive of St Aubyn Estates and St Michael’s Mount has recently been accepted by Harvard Business School to go on their Advanced Management Programme in April and May 2013.
The Advanced Management Programme is the most intense and prestigious of all Harvard’s executive training courses and as a result Harvard is able to take its pick from applicants from all over the world, typically participants coming from much larger organisations who have 20 to 25 years’ of senior management experience. It is therefore a significant credit to Rob personally to have been chosen and also an endorsement of St Aubyn Estates that Harvard judged that Rob’s contribution on the course would both be interesting and valuable for other participants.

Rob Abernethy comments on the challenge ahead;
“It was a huge privilege to not only have the opportunity to apply but then to have been accepted on this flagship course in Boston.  I am extremely excited about the challenges it will present and the intensive bout of learning that will not only develop me personally and professionally but will allow significant strategic thought to be brought back to the organisation as we move into the next phase of our growth cycle. ”