St Aubyn Estates


Land and Property
St Aubyn Estates comprises over 5000 acres of agricultural land, residential and commercial property, woodland and coastline.

The estate holdings are in three blocks, one stretching north and east from Marazion, the second being north and east of Lamorna Cove, and the third being to the south and east of the Land’s End peninsula.

While some 900 acres are farmed in hand as Trevarthian Farms, the majority of the agricultural land is let to tenants, several of whom are farming families who have been cultivating the same fields for generations. There are also numerous small parcels of land which are let as paddocks, for horticultural purposes and for other business or leisure uses.

As with most landed estates, residential and commercial income has grown more rapidly than agricultural rents in recent decades, and it is likely that the future will see further diversification in the ways that land and property are utilised.