St Aubyn Estates

Corporate Social Responsibility

How St Aubyn Estates contributes to the West Cornwall Community

‘Supporting local, where it makes a difference’

St Aubyn Estates has been part of the landscape for so long that it has developed deep roots within its local community. In fact, a key plank of its vision is to benefit the wider community in West Cornwall. Partly this reflects the inextricable links between the economic and social wellbeing of the area and of the estate. There is also a longstanding pattern of St Aubyn Estates contributing to the community on a voluntary basis.

The family and company undertake their voluntary activities in four interconnected areas:

All four areas support causes that are important to the family or which promote health and wellbeing. Contributions to one-off projects are made through donations or by time given to employees to volunteer, often with value added through the diverse resources of the company’s diverse businesses.

If you have a project in West Cornwall which you feel might be suitable to attract support from the St Aubyn Foundation, please see The St Aubyn Foundation Guidelines for further information and details of how to apply.